1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
​With 20 years of experience behind a camera, Belinda Rolland photography has enhanced the image and reputation of a huge range of blue chip clients- rangeing from the hottest 'PR' and event companies to  high end corporate and luxury brands.

Her work exhibits a rare balance of easy professionalism that comes from knowing all the rules of what makes a great picture, combined with an originality that gives every photo a distinctive modern and fun look. 

Belinda is easy to spot at an event, in a media pack or on a red carpet - she's the photographer with the inventive ideas who's helping talent look like a million dollars by giving them great direction. She gets the most interesting photos of the most intriguing people at any glamourous 'A - List' event. She also makes a point of knowing which important people need to be captured on film for corporate or historical reasons. And her ability to capture the life in any still-life object is second to none. ​

With state of the art Nikon equipment, Belinda has the supreme abilty to re-touch and enhance every single shot, her images are sought after by top print and online media and publications throughout Australia and all over the world.

If you are looking for the perfect images to further enhance you and every aspect of your business or clients brand, take a look at the work of photographer Belinda Rolland. It speaks for itself. Stylish. Serious. Sexy. Sublime.

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